Our base price is $0.08 USD per Japanese character, which includes all services and consultations, Additional fees may be added for formatting, agreed upon on a per-project basis. We use CAT programs as needed, preferably MemSource or SmartCAT.

With a character count and a sample of your document, we’ll provide you with a proposal that fully details the project so that everyone understands the scope of the project before any work begins.

Once we’ve agreed on the details of the project, here is what we do.

Research and Read-Through: We read or play through the work to understand how the target audience will interact with your creation, making notes as we go for preliminary research.

Translation: Michael produces first translation with a focus on meaning and a coherent experience that stays as true to the original as possible.

First Review: Shizuka reads through the work, noting any areas that require attention. We both then sit down side-by-side and discuss the work sentence by sentence with a focus on meaning and nuance.

​First Revision: Michael goes back through the work, rewording and correcting everything while comparing it to the original text. The first revision emphasizes clarity and engaging sentences.

​Second Review: Shizuka re-reads the work, making notes as needed. This is a very granular review with a focus on minutia. We then sit down together once more to discuss the work.

​Second Revision: Micheal goes through the work one more time to create a fluid and cohesive text, focusing on style and every little detail. Every sentence is also evaluated for clarity and what it does to enhance the work and the audience’s experience.

Third Review: Shizuka will go through the work one more time, noting any additional points that may require discussion. We sit down together once more to discuss every aspect of the work.

Third Revision: Michael goes back one more time, re-reading the work several times to ensure that everything forms a cohesive work that sounds as though it was originally created in English.

Please reach out with any questions and we look forward to helping bring your hard work to the English-speaking world!