We provide crafted, high-quality translations tailored to each project, working with you to ensure that the translation meets your vision for the project.

Here’s our workflow and what to expect from us:

First Contact

We will review and research the project, ask questions to you to understand what you’d like for the project, understand your timelines, and collect the resources we need to provide you with a project proposal that clearly states what we’ll do, when we’ll return work, and cost.


Once you review the proposal, we’ll discuss and points or questions. Once everything has been set to everyone’s approval, we’ll sign and our team will get to work!

Preliminary Research

We take the project and delve into it in order to understand it fully, then research the concepts, characters, history, etc. involved to make sure that we’re bringing the complete background of the project to the translation,


The meat and potatoes and where our work truly begins the project. Our process involves multiple levels of checks, in-house reviews, and collaborative consultations to ensure that nuances are preserved, voice stays consistent, and that the English version is water-tight. More details of this process can be found on the pricing page.


After returning the work, we discuss any changes you might like made (wording preferences, etc.) and implement them until you are satisfied with the work.